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Ayurveda, the oldest and proven science of life, with more than 5000 years old history, it has consequently grew into a respected and widely used system of healing in India.Ayurvedic healing method is based on uses of natural herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, gems, etc. which ensures long term relief and has no side effects.

Having experience of more than 100 years in Ayurveda we, Rajvaidya Khyaliram Pharmacy moving ahead to become one of the most trusted brand of Ayurveda in India as well as Internationally. Following the blessing of our founder Rajvaidya Khyaliramji Dwivedi, a renowned name in the field of Ayurveda, we bring forth the boons of nature to protect health and prolong life by delivering the best Ayurvedic products combining his research and modern techniques.

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Hemoratna Malt

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Vaat Ratna

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission
" Protect health and enhance the value of life for the benefit of the society as a whole."

Our Vision
"Our vision is to re-establish the name of legendary Late Rajvaidya Khayaliramji Dwivedi, by reaching one of the top names in Ayruveda by delivering reliable and quality products."

Upcoming Products

  • VigoRatna Gold: For Vigour and Vitality
    A complete formula for energy, stamina and health life.
  • RaktaKundan: Blood Purifier
    Useful in impure blood, Acne and other skin related problem.
  • Stone X: For Kidney Stone
    A herbal remedy for Kidney stone problem.
  • Memoratna: For Improving Memory and Concentration
    A complete nervine tonic to boost memory power.
  • Low-chol Syrup: For High Cholesterols problem
    Low-Chol naturally reduces cholesterol level and removes the bad cholesterols.

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